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Monastic Park


General Considerations


The Monastic Park trails are for able-bodied pedestrian traffic only. No wheeled vehicles of any kind are permitted.  The safety of the individual and personal possessions is the responsibility of the visitor.  We encourage caution and attentiveness to your surroundings.  


The trails traverse about 150 feet of elevation over a half-mile of distance. While not particularly difficult, they include some steep places; in some areas, steps have been cut to ease negotiation of the grade. Keep small children close at hand.


For your safety, stay on the developed trail; the graveled drive is for the use of monastery service vehicles; do not walk on the drive except to cross it and continue the walking trail on the opposite side.


The trail system is a work in progress. Additional routes will be developed as circumstances allow. Even the already developed trails are not as yet complete. You may encounter workers making various improvements; exercise caution, and allow them to continue their efforts.


Flora and Fauna


Over the past ten years we have been slowly adding acreage to our forest.  The terrain is widely varied and of considerable interest for its geological complexity.  The forest includes pine, poplar, cedar, and many hardwoods. Peppered with many natural springs, it is crisscrossed by several creeks and waterways. 


The wildlife is abundant, and includes wolves, deer, ruffed grouse, pine martens, beavers, bears, and even the occasional mountain lion to name a few.  The diversity of flora is too great to do justice with any list.  The natural beauty of the land has inspired us to share it with others.  Our trail system offers a fair sample of the different ecosystems through which it meanders.


By means of this park, the monks of Holy Transfiguration Skete share with you some of the peace and beauty of their monastic patrimony. Respect the land and the peace of the others who may now be sharing it with you. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.

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