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From the beginning of our monastic journey we have held that beauty – be it in nature or through the work of human hands – is a path to the Divine.


Beauty has the power to touch the soul directly, to evoke in the heart feelings of joy, exaltation, or sadness, to elevate the mind to spiritual matters, and to make the soul more receptive to things divine.


Beauty conveys subliminal messages of God’s power and glory and of His limitless love, serving as a sort of bridge between the material and spiritual realms.


Beauty can raise us up to God and powerfully convey His love to us in ways impossible to articulate.  To love God, is to love beauty, for God is Beauty in the absolute.


May God make us ever more aware of the beauty with which He surrounds us.


God is the ultimate Creator; through our own creative abilities we can express our likeness to Him, render Him thanks and praise for His many blessings, and proclaim His love for the whole world.


We firmly believe that human artistry is a divine gift, given by God that we might all come to know Him better.  In creating beauty, we exercise and manifest an integral part of our nature.  We were created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-27).

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