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The Annunciation The Ascension of Christ into Heaven The Baptism of Christ Saint Benedict The Bridegroom Christ Blessing Christ - Pantocrator (Moscow) Christ the Teacher The Resurrection The Empty Tomb Saint Euphrosynos the Cook Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet Guardian Angel The Holy Transfiguration on Mount Tabor The Holy Trinity The Nativity Theotokos of Korsun The Ladder of Divine Ascent - St. John Climacus The Raising of Lazarus Theotokos "Eleusa-Kiksk" Venerable Woman Melanie of Rome The Entrance into Jerusalem Saint John the Baptist Saint Romanos the Melodist St. Ambrose - Archbishop of Milan St. Basil the Great - Archbishop of Caesarea in 
			Cappadocia Saint John the Evangelist Saint Sergius of Radonezh Saint Stephen Theotokos Theotokos Theotokos "of the Sign" of 
			Yaroslavl Saint Anthony - Father of Monks Tree of Jesse Theotokos of Vladimir